The "GYN" line

One of my favorite lines is the “Gyn” line. The matriach of the "Gyn" family is “Coonawarra Gyn-Sling”, a solid light fawn female by “Purrumbete Snowman” out of a grey “Purrumbete Don Quixote” female. Gyn-Sling has quite a number of decendents in the Yaringa and Classic herds.

Sling’s first daughter “Coonawarra Gyn-Fizz” is a solid light fawn by “Purrumbete Ledgers dream”. Although an older female now, she still produces quality offspring. We also have her granddaughter “Alpacaspecialist Highland Fling” by “Coonawarra Gladiator” (SBLK) out of “Coonawarra Gyn-Fling”, a roan “Parnabrae Brutus” daughter. Highland Fling was shown in 2008 and came fourth in Junior Black Female at the 2008 National Show.  Highland Fling has gone on to be a donor in our ET program.  Highland Fling's latest cria Highland Rose by "Wyterrica Propaganda"is in our current show team.

Sling’s next daughter “Coonawarra Gyn & Tonic” is a solid black by “Parnabrae Brutus”. Her first son “Coonawarra Thunderbolt” (SBLK) is one of our elite black stud males. Tonic has been very successful in embryo transfer and has about 18 cria on the ground. We have three of her daughters including the well performed “Alpacaspecialist Lady Sambucca ET” by Coonawarra Julius (SBLK), “Yaringa Gyn-Seng” by Coonawarra Gladiator and "Yaringa Gypsey" by Alpacaspecialist Red Baron.  "Lady Sambucca" is being used as an ET donor by her owners Black Jack Alpacas.

Another of Sling’s daughters “Coonawarra Gyn-Squash” is a solid light fawn by “Parnabrae Brutus”. Squash has produced a number of excellent cria and is now owned by Riverport Alpacas.  She is also the dam of the certified male "Classic Muscateer".

Sling’s daughter “Alpacaspecialist Gyn-Rummy” is a solid white by “Parnabrae Brutus”. Rummy mated to “Coonawarra Gladiator” produced the remarkable “Yaringa Gyn-Spring” who’s story is covered in “articles” on this website. Rummy with “Ambersun King’s Ransom” produced the recently certified “Yaringa Gyn-Ice” who is having a very successful show career.  Her daughter "Yaringa Gyn-Electra" will made her show debut in 2011 with pleasing results.

The “Gyn” line can be relied upon to produce quality off spring on a consistent basis. In addition to those mentioned, one daughter each of Sling, Fizz, Squash and Tonic have been exported to New Zealand.  As well as having superior fleece qualities,  this “Gyn” line consist of well framed, robust animals with excellent fertility. This makes them ideal breeding stock in any herd.

"Dynasty's Dynasty"

The matriarch of the Dynasty line is “Taralowie Duchess”, a fawn female by “Parnabrae Brutus”. Duchess was mated to “Jolimont Giamarco” and produced “Alpacaspecialist Dynasty”.

Dynasty’s show career included  Supreme Fawn at Victorian Colourbration 2005 and Reserve Champion adult female Royal Melbourne 2006.  She also won Reserve Champion huacaya fleece Royal Melbourne in 2006 and 2009 and Supreme medium fawn fleece Victorian Colourbration 2008.  Her fleece also won its class at the International Fleece Show in Sydney in 2008, was Champion Fleece 30-48 months at the 2009 AAA National Show, and was Reserve Champion Fleece 60 months and over and Best Mid-Dark Fawn Fleece at the 2011 AAA National Show.

Dynasty’s first cria by “Jolimont Warrior” is the medium fawn male  “Alpacaspecialist Legend”.  Legend has an extensive show record.  2010 highlights include 1st at the AAA National Show in Tamworth.  In 2011 Legend won Supreme Mid-Dark Fawn Fleece at both the SA Colour Classic Show and the Victorian Colourbration Show and Champion Senior Male at Royal Adelaide Show. 

Dynasty's second cria by “Ambersun King’s Ransom” is the light fawn male “Yaringa Czar”.  Czar has won many ribbons and the highlights of his show career was  winning Champion Light Fawn Male at the 2011 Victorian Colourbration Show, Reserve Champion Mature Male at the 2013 AAA National Show and Supreme Huacaya at the 2014 Alpacafest.

Legend and Czar teamed up to win the "dam's progeny"class at the AAA National Show Sydney 2011 and Adelaide 2012. 

Dynasty is now a donor in our embryo transfer program and with Coonawarra Gladiator produced "Yaringa Classic Czarina ET" (black) and "Classic Yaringa Empress ET" (brown).  We took both these cria to the 2010 AAA National Show in Tamworth.  Czarina came second in junior black female and Empress came third in junior brown female.  In 2011 Czarina was awarded Supreme Black Fleece at the SA Colour Classic Show and also Best Black Fleece at the AAA National Show in Sydney.  In 2012 Czarina was awarded Supreme Black Fleece at the SA Colour Classic Show, Supreme Black Fleece at the Victorian Colourbration Show and also Best Black Fleece at the AAA National Show in Adelaide and in 2013 she was awarded Supreme Black Fleece at the World Fleece Show.

Another Dynasty son with an extensive show record is Classic Yaringa Lord Montgomery ET. Best roan at the 2012 and 2013 Victorian Colourbration Shows, 2013 SA Colour Classic and 2013 AAA National Show.  Lord Montgomery was sold to Malakai Alpacas in Victoria.

The next generation of cria from the Dynasty line will hit the show ring at the 2014 National Show - Yaringa Commander ET, Yaringa Cardinal ET and Yaringa Grand Duchess Iryna ET.

Duchess and “ILR Peruvian Drambuie” produced a daughter “Taralowie Genesis” who has produced a number of excellent cria including “Alpacaspecialist Showgirl” – supreme brown at the 2007 Victorian Colourbration Show. Genesis's other cria have performed well in the show ring including "Alpacaspecialist Chianti Princess ET"  and "Alpacaspecialist Regal Prince ET" also by Coonawarra Gladiator.  Genesis was sold to Kobler Alpacas at our 2011 auction.

Q Alpaca number 15/0449
Expert Advice and Total Support - Consistent Breeders of Champions - Alpacas of all Colours
Q Alpaca number 15/0449
Expert Advice and Total Support - Consistent Breeders of Champions - Alpacas of all Colours
The "Priscilla" line

Priscilla was the first elite female we purchased - by "Merungle Lancelot" our of a "Parnabrae Brutus" female.

With "Greenvale Giacomo", Priscilla produced "Yaringa Victoria" who at six months of age won junior mid-dark fawn female at the AAA National Show in Melbourne.  Victoria had a number of breeding issues and as a result we are unable to breed from her naturally.  Using ET, in 2012 Victoria had three cria "Yaringa Faith ET" (mid-dark fawn female) and "Yaringa Victory ET" (mid-dark fawn male) by "Ambersun King's Ransom".  These two juniors had ribbons at all the shows they attended in 2012 except the Nationals as both were overfleeced by then.  Victoria's third cria in 2012 was by "Shanbrooke Simply the Best", a light fawn female called "Yaringa Hope".  Hope joined our show team for the National show and finished a creditable second.  In 2013 Hope was awarded Supreme White at the Victorian Colourbration Show.

The following year with "Greenvale Giacomo", Priscilla produced "Yaringa Sir Winston" who is now one of our certified males with a solid show record.

Priscilla then produced two cria by "Ambersun King's Ransom" - "Yaringa Georgiana" a fawn/roan female who was second in junior at the 2010 AAA National Show Tamworth.  "Yaringa Sir Edmund" showed excellent promise as a youngster but we unfortunately lost him.

Next Priscilla was mated to "Bonnie Park Black Thunder" and produced a light fawn female "Yaringa Philippa" who is known as Pippa in honour of her late grand-dam.  Then Priscilla produced another daughter - this time light fawn - by "Greenvale Giacomo" - "Yaringa Lucinda", and another son by "Greenvale Giacomo" - "Yaringa Sir Lawrence ET".