What we offer:


Complete care management packages available.
Short or long term agistment available.

Services organised for you can include:
  • shearing
  • foot trimming and teeth
  • injections
  • stud services by our males
  • transport to stud services by outside males
  • scanning/ultrasound
  • handling young stock including show preparation
  • AAA paperwork and show entries


Do you need help to care for your herd whether it be large or small?  There are some jobs which require an extra pair of hands.  Management solutions are available - prices on request.

We also offer a "herd reminder service" to our clients.  This service is primarily for new breeders who have a small number of breeding animals with the aim of assisting you to maintain your animals in the best possible health and condition.  Every time we perform a regular maintenance task for our "whole herd", such as Vaccinations, B12, ADE, Selenium etc, we send an email reminder to the clients on the list and you can  determine whether this task is relevant to you also.  If you would like to subscribe to this service which we provide free of charge, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Individual doses of any "over the counter" drugs such as Vaccinations, B12, ADE, Selenium, Drench etc can be purchased from Yaringa.

We also offer shearing solutions for people with large herds through to a small number of pets or sheep guards.

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