My horse background has taught me that "a rug is worth a feed a day in winter to an old horse".  Winter 2010 I decided to put a rug on a 16 year old female who does not hold good weight.  By the end of winter, Annabel was the fattest she had been in years so the experiment certainly worked with her. 

It is difficult to buy horse rugs which fit alpacas well so we set about designing our own line of alpaca rugs.  These are warm winter rugs designed for old animals, or animals which have been ill.  They are not suitable for use with show animals as they will crush the fleece. 

Sizes:  We stock rugs from 2'6" to 3'9" which should fit a range of yearlings/adults.  Other sizes can be made to order.  Our rugs have a canvas outer, duna filling and a silky lining.


Our alpaca rugs are mesured like this:

Printable instructions for putting on alpaca rugs - click here.

2 foot 6 inches
$80 inc GST
2 foot 9 inches
$80 inc GST
3 foot
$80 inc GST
3 foot 3 inches
$80 inc GST
3 foot 6 inches
$80 inc GST
3 foot 9 inches
$80 inc GST