Introducing Trendy Alpaca on-line

This is the Yaringa Alpacas "Trendy Alpaca on-line" shop. 

We are stock items for breeders such as:
        *  zephyr halters
        *  rope halters (some new and some second hand)
        *  alpaca rugs  (click here for fitting instructions)
        *  suri show coats
        *  toenail cutters
        *  cria heat mats
        *  drafting sticks
        *  hay mangers
        *  fleece skirting tables

Veterinary supplies:
        *  needles and syringes
        *  injection guns and oral drenchers
        *  implact colostrum replacement
        *  consumables such as Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Hideject AD&E, VAM, Coforta, Ironcyclin, Nutripet,

We stock "Trendy Alpaca" yarn produced from your own alpacas.

We stock "Cody Alpaca" necklaces and books.

We stock a variety of reference materials to suit new breeders including   AgSkills Alpaca  and  AgGuide Alpaca.

We welcome sales enquiries by email (click here) - send us an email and we can send you a quote for the items you are interested in and freight.  Alternatively, stock can be collected from us at some shows but it must be pre-ordered.

Payment is preferably made EFT, or cash,

We now have gift cards available which can be used to purchase our supplies, or be used towards stud services or even animal purchases.

Q Alpaca number 15/0449
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