We recognise that it can be difficult for farmers, pet owners and even some small breeders to obtain the services of a shearer.  Yaringa Alpacas offers a shearing service to assist small breeder, local farmers and pet owners. 

Each year we hold a number of "trailer days" at different venues where clients bring their alpacas in for shearing.  The price is $35 per animal (for animals with one year's fleece on them).  Unfortunately we need to charge extra for animals not shorn last year as they are harder to shear and cause more wear and tear on equipment.  Included in the price, all animals will have their feet trimmed and their teeth checked (and where necessary trimmed).  We recognise that some small breeders and farmers will have already vaccinated their animals, but if you need them vaccinated we can do this for you included in the price.

Other injections for breeding stock such as B12, Selenium, Drench, ADE etc are available on request where appropriate, prices to be advised. 

Alternatively, we can come to you.  If you need shearing done, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

If you would like to go onto our contact list so you receive a booking email about two months prior to shearing, please let us know.

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Yaringa Alpacas also organises two castration days each year in approximately December and May.  Castration is done by our vet.  Local breeders are welcome to book in boys to be castrated on these days as the more done, the cheaper per animal. 

Enquiries are welcome.   Email

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