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Information on Alpacas as Guard Animals

A Working Dog's Guide to Alpacas
Courtesy of Natasha Clark (Kurrawa Alpacas, Victoria)

At Yaringa alpacas we believe in the care and well-being of our animals.  That, and our customer service are our highest priorities.  We undertake to provide as much information as we possibly can on any animal advertised for sale. 


We have young males (who will be wethered) and wethers available which are quiet, halter trained and suitable for family pets.  The alpacas we sell as pets have been well handled and are halter trained, and are selected on temprement.

Occasionally we also have female in a similar price bracket available.

Wethers available to guard available immediately:

Wethers need to be at least 18 months of age to guard stock and be properly castrated by a vet.  We have wethers available now suitable for guarding sheep, goats, poultry etc.

We also have available some pairs of wethers who have had one season's experience guarding sheep.  Although we are selling these wethers at a slightly higher price, this will represent good value for money due to the experience they have already had.

Please contact us for details on pets and guards.

Q Alpaca number 15/0449
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